Is It Possible to Recover from Autism?

By Khorshed Khisty
Posted October 12, 2014

Is there any research that suggests someone who has received timely, early intervention following a diagnosis at age 4, can have a life free of Autism? Or this too optimistic for being true or possible?


Answered:  October 15, 2014 by Dr. Sidney Baker

A life free of autism is definitely possible – and often with the advantages of being fine-looking, remarkably dexterous, sensitive, musically gifted, capable of mind-boggling feats of memory, numerosity, and calendar operations, or in other ways just plain smart. The Autism Research Institute has documented hundreds of children who have recovered from autism.  The recovered children I have known include one boy, described in the book I co-authored with Jon Pangborn, PhD Autism: Effective Biomedical Treatments, was diagnosed as incurable at age 4 by child development experts at a major university. His parents were counseled to institutionalize him when (in the 1990’s) such advice was highly unusual. After treatment with diet and antifungal medication he recovered and turned out to be an artistic genius and a chess champion.

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What about boys aged 19 years? I have a son aged 19 who is autistic. I strongly believe that if I get him the right intervention, he will recover. He still cannot read or write, or converse but he says words and short sentences, although he is unable to answer a question (only repeats it). What we see is tht he is extremely intelligent, has memory and is aware of hos surroundings (although at times very aggressive and destructive). How can you help me?

My elder child is 5 years old she can't speak. She can't eat well. She only started walking 3 months ago. We have gone to every therapy. What can we do next?

My second son has Austism it has been a big problem because he do not want to communicate with anyone in side his mind he says he is trying to talk or talking sticks to his room he is 20yrs now I really did not know that there was such a thing called Austism untill he posted this on his face book . he is suffering a lot in side he really do not like to move with any one likes to stay alone a very good artist and he is a électro engineering student now in France.H elikes to play the piano but not in front of others he keeps every thing to himself he forgets a lot he has lots of wisdom in him but he never never speaks out just one word or just nodds his head gets very frusrated easily please Doctur help my son I really did not know about this illness we are living in France , please help me how can I help him recover from Austism

Please please please understand this is very true. We have just started the gaps diet with our four-year-old who is moderately autistic with severe delays and social skills motor skills. Healing the gut is the first step and start this by removing dairy sugar grain flour soy and start introducing heavy probiotics, omega-3's, and tons of other nutrients vitamins and supplements. So far we have had phenomenal results in four weeks. When we first started my sons diet consisted of McDonald's french fries yogurt and ice cream he would never even touch carrots or spinach. After he starved himself for about four days he gave in the tantrums subsided and he started craving all this good food we were making. I'm here to say that this diet works he is a living testimony and you will find his videos on YouTube within the next few months. If you feel that you were trapped at home can't take your child out and feel like he is trapped in a prison this diet is for you. Our sons name is jet and he's been freed from his personal mental prison as we speak the diet is marvelous. Without prayer and God's answer to our prayer we would still be stuck not knowing what to do each week. I am by no means saying that this is a cure to autism I am simply saying that start in the gaps diet and introducing have you probiotics will most likely change some or all of your child's autistic behaviors within one year!! God bless, Jeff, Christ follower.

Our son has fully recovered. We did not start with biomedical intervention until he was a few months past seven years old. He is a straight "A" student in his junior year of public high school He is principle clarinetist in the local youth orchestra. He is now learning italian, after mastering spanish. This, a boy, my wife and I at one time wondered if he would ever speak. We expect him to attend the local Junior College (after all, he will have to go shopping and cook gluten, dairy, soy, egg and a few other things free. We expect him to get a four year University education. We too were told "dont waste your money and It doesnt work". Do not give up

My elder son is autistic.He is 6 years old.His speaking ability hasn't developed yet.He can speak daddy and mumma,chokki for chocolates,milk.But he could speak few more words when he was at 2.He points things that is needed.he can follow some order for example when i tell him to go shower or to pee in the toilet.He doesn't want to wear cloths in home.Sometimes he becomes crazy and aggressive when he is hungry.I am from Bangladesh.People here are not much aware about autism.we were told to give up.My son looks like a prince.He cant differentiate strangers.He loves to collect can soft drinks,loves to watch TV and mainly songs.He afraid of cutting his hairs.He plays with fingers and saliva,used to lay on bed all the time.He enters to shops and bought toy cars. I want to know more about diet and other vitamin,mineral supplements. Please help me.

Thank you. Hi, this gives me so much hope, my son will be six next month March. We still struggling but with your testimony I really believe that we will get there because there are things he does that he never use to do. His speech is coming slowly but surely. We just started with GAPS diet. Thank you so much for the heads-up.

My son is turning eight. He suffers from autism and has speech impairment. He is also hyperactive and can't read or write or identify anything useful. He still bubbles. I wonder if he will ever be alright and autism-free.

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