Increase in White Hairs

By Norene
Posted June 25, 2015

My dark-haired son has an unusual number of white hairs that started to appear on his head (11 yrs old) - after a year on HDC, increasing BroccoProtect to six caps, increase in raw greens, ginger, herbs, and kombucha. Is the body awakening and detecting more oxidative stress (mercury poisoned years ago), or is there some unmet need I should look into with our doctor? He demonstrates global improvements with language, desire to connect and eye contact.


Answered:  July 6, 2015 by Dr. Sidney Baker

I think you are describing more than a few white hairs but not what would be called early greying. While B12 deficiency is associated with greying and there are, of course, medical conditions that go with early aging, I think that what you describe is unrelated to the factors you mention and will turn out to be sort of the hairy equivalent of having a few freckles and without known indications to change anything.