How to Treat Autism

By Concerned Parents
Posted August 22, 2014

My child is autistic, what should I do? My 10-year old son has autism, ADHD and eating problems. How can we treat him? My son Rajveer is very hyperactive. What should we do for him to help his concentration? My 5-year old son is an autism patient. He has poor concentration and does not write a single word. How can I help him?


Answered:  August 22, 2014 by Dr. Sidney Baker

These questions are heart-breakers for me and more-so for you who ask them. Doctor’s expect specific questions and are used to giving specific answers that attach a treatment to the name of a condition or a symptom. Autism has come along and picked the word “spectrum” out of the language of science. This word takes away from us the hope that names like attention deficit, eating problems, hyperactivity, meaningless language, writing problems and a hundred other questions can spark a specific answer. Let me try to do better than silence on such questions.

1.    Nature has a strong impulse toward healing. Believe in it.

2.    Many children have recovered from such problems by steps that favor healing.

3.    Those steps involve finding and removing things that are toxic or allergic or giving things that answer special unmet needs.

4.    Autism360 is designed to help you find other children with similar problems and characteristics as your child and gives you answers based on about 40 children who match yours.

5.    Take the time to tell Autism360 at least 15 items that describe your child’s problems and at least one strength or special skill. Most parents enter many more.

6.    Look at the list of treatments that have benefited children like yours and start with the items on that list that you can do on your own or with help from a doctor.

7.    Then rate the success of the steps you have taken so that others may learn from your experience.

8.    Remember that illness is a signal to change.

9.    Your child is the best expert but you have to ask him or her what works best by trying steps that favor healing.

10. Most changes – of avoiding or getting things - take only five to twenty days to see healing begin.



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My grandson is 3years old. He has attention deficit. He doesnot pay attention to what we say. At times he speaks less. He listens to rhymes and enjoy listening to music and dance. When he is asked to sing song or rhymes, he doesn't. But he sings and narrates rhymes, when he comes to such situation, i.e. if it rains he starts narrating rhymes on rain etc. But if hes is asked to do so, he doesn't.

is bera test applicable for autistic kids?

My son became autistic at the age of 14-months as a result of being attacked by meningitis. He is now 10 years old and still not able to talk. He is very hyper-active and has a good appetite for food. sometimes he tries to play a fast one on us especially when he needs something. He is not able to read and write. How can he be helped to talk?