Autism Prevention Strategies

By Nicola
Posted January 12, 2014

My partner and I are looking at having a baby this year and his two brothers between them have 2 out of 5 children with autism and a third one being diagnosed. My partner is extremely concerned that is hereditary and we would like to know more on if it is and if there is anything you can do to reduce the chances of having an autistic child? Thank you in advance.


Answered:  January 30, 2014 by Dr. Sidney Baker

Dear Nicola,

My good friend Dr. Liz Mumper has done a very good job of studying the question that's on your mind from her perspective. I think you will find Dr. Mumper's article very useful.

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But is it hereditary? Why is the chances of a second child to be autistic higher if the 1st child is diagnosed with autism?

My 5 yr old grandson Harry was diagnoised with mild autisim at the age of 3yrs. Up until this time he appeared as a 'normal' child. He was walking at 9 months, gabbling etc. The autism seems to have affected his speach and although he talks i.e can I have some crisps/pop/sweets etc he does not have a conversation with you. He has been in main stream education since he was 3, attends for 1 day aweek at an autisic school, which he will atend full time from September 2014. He likes to give you hugs, he lets you love him. He knows his numbers, letters, colours, shapes. nurersy rythems etc. What I worry is that the word 'Autisim' is a panacea for children that do not fit into the expected 'box' Surely we should have a central diagnostic centre instead of what we have at the moment.